Facing separation or divorce proceedings?

I will listen to your concerns, guide you through the legal process, and help you make the best decisions at every stage of your case.

Separation is a difficult time for everyone. There can be complex legal, financial and emotional issues when a marriage or common-law relationship ends, especially when children are involved. With an empathetic yet practical approach, I will help you understand your options and make optimal decisions. I will use my expertise in creative problem solving to move your case towards resolution.

I provide calm, clear and practical legal advice to protect your interests and those of your dependents.

While I am sensitive to how emotional such proceedings are, I will remain focused on getting you the most favourable outcome as cost-effectively as possible. To this end, I offer a flexible approach rather than a standard package.

My unbundled family law services offer great flexibility. If you’d like me to represent you throughout your entire case, I’m happy to oblige. If you’d prefer to come to me for coaching on an hourly, as-needed basis, that’s fine, too. Either way, count on me to represent you effectively and with compassion.

As a Midtown Toronto family & divorce lawyer, I can assist you with the following:

Get your legal needs met on your terms.